Congratulations!! If you are still with us, you will now get to the real meat of this site. The following is everything you need to know about what JsTraps is, how it came to be and how you too can be the proud owner of one.

I have been practicing my leather craft, for oh, several months as I write this. All my creations are fully hand made by me and only me and include only the finest materials our four-legged friends are willing to part with. I don't rush my work, I will not commit to more than I can build carefully and lovingly and even though I ask the recipient for a few general ideas of what they want, I usually ignore them and build one out of my own amazingly creative mind instead. A comfortable pace for me is 1-2 JsTraps per week, insuring that each and everyone is in a limited and exclusive collection. Since I wouldn't be able to recreate a strap if I wanted to, the recipient is guaranteed of having the only strap like it in the world!!

The name I have chosen for my creations is JsTraps. I felt it was important to start giving them a name for the day, fast approaching, that I become the most famous strap maker the world has ever known. I anticipate JsTraps will become masterpieces, coveted by collectors everywhere, just as a Picaso painting or a Michelangelo sculpture. In order for their owners to enjoy full benefit of ownership, they should know up front that they have a genuine JsTrap and not some cheap imitation.

For what it's worth, the name I chose has nothing to do with that other piece of male athletic apparel that goes by the same name. No, this name came from a huge ego need to put my initials in it. One evening as I was struggling over what to call my masterpieces, my beautiful daughter, Delilah, sat down with a piece of scrap paper and pencil and within two minutes knocked out the logo you see all over this site today.

It was so brilliant! Both my initials, J and T integrated cleverly and beautifully into the name JsTraps! I was so thankful! She has been fully compensated for her efforts. She now stands to get a full third of my estate when I pass!. My other two children will have to settle for the remaining two-thirds!

How To Get One
Getting one of my world renowned JsTraps is very easy. I just have to like you and have a strong desire to cement my relationship with you by bribing you with a free strap. I have given most of my JsTraps away and there is a growing army of friends that love me as long as there is a chance of getting another free one. These priceless straps now grace wrists in places as far away as London, Canada, Florida, and up and down the western coast of the United States.

Alternatively, if we don't know each other, but you covet a JsTrap for your wrist, you can initiate a contact following the instructions on the following page and tell me in twenty-five words or less why you feel you are worthy of one. It would help tremendously to include the details of what you would be willing to trade for one. I accept watches, watch stuff and other things of value that can be converted to money to buy more watches. In extreme cases, if the only thing you have to trade is money, describe the amount in sufficient detail to insure I can evaluate the worthiness of your offer. Did you follow that? If not, you may want to read it again.

Now, go on to the "Contact Page" to find out how to get ahold of me.